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Beard Care Tutorial

So you’ve waited so patiently for your beard to grow and now you realize that there are some not very sexy/uninvited companions that tend to come along with it: Dry skin, itching, dandruff,  tangles and of course the smell… Sounds terrifying? Actually it’s just nature’s smart way to remind you that your beard and skin needs some care and attention. Don’t worry, we are not going to recommend a hard or demanding beard care routine, but there are some ground rules you should follow if you want to avoid nasty side effect and keep your beard happy and beautiful:


Well this, my friend, is more like basic survival. Your body needs to be hydrated so you must drink enough water, all year long. And if you stay hydrated, your skin and hair will be hydrated, and that’s a really good start. However, in the heat, hair tends to get dry easily, so you can use beard oil or beard cream to keep it moisturized.


Keep in mind that your beard is essentially hair, and as such, you better wash it regularly to keep it clean, and nice smelling. 3-4 times a week is enough, as you want to keep its natural oils. Washing your beard keeps the pores clean and clear, which promotes hair growth.  Pay attention that regular shampoo contains chemicals that harm your hair and may irritate your skin, so we recommend natural and delicate beard wash.


This is something most men don’t do, but drying your beard is actually very important. Tap water usually consist of hard minerals that dry and hardens your hair. Leaving your hair wet means leaving those minerals on your hair. So unless you are used to wash your beard with mineral water, just dab it dry with a towel or hair dryer and you’re done.


Doesn’t matter how long is your beard, you’ll need to comb it to avoid tangles and keeping it clean. Combing also helps you style your beard or at least keep it under control.


You might think it’s just a trend, but actually men used oil to nourish their beards since ancient history. Nowadays we have less time to master the making of our own oils and formulas. It hydrates and softens the beard, helping you to keep it clean and healthy. Beard oil will make all the difference between a beard and a great looking one.      
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