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How to wash my beard properly

As you might already know, your beard is not just a close companion but also quite a reminder. Whether you had a bagel and cheese for breakfast, or simply took the train to work, your beard will make sure you won’t easily forget about it. This is why, along with obvious hygienic reasons, is why washing your beard is such an essential part of your beard maintenance. Washing your beard properly also keeps your pores clean and clear, which promotes hair growth. Here are some things you to know, if you want to do it right.  


As men, we have naturally oily skin, so washing your face every day is a good idea.  But as for your beard, unless you work outdoors, or exercise often, 2-3 times a week is enough. You shouldn’t wash your beard on a daily basis, since it will strip the natural oils that keep your hair shiny and happy. At the rest of the week, wash your beard with plain water.  

Water Temperature

Don’t use hot water. It will dry your hair follicles and may interrupt hair growth. Lukewarm water is the best option. It opens up the pores and stimulates blood circulation, without drying your hair. Cold water will close your pores, so you can use it only as a final step.  

Soap or shampoo

Both your beard and facial skin need care. A simple bar soap is too aggressive and will strip the oils from your beard, and a store brand shampoo might be good for your hair but not for your facial skin, which is much more delicate than your sculp. The best option is a wash that is designed both for beard and skin.  


Make sure you clean more than beard hair edges. Use your fingertips and deeply massage the soap into your beard. If you are still growing your beard, better scrub harder. It stimulates the hair follicles and encourages hair growth.  


Dry your beard gently by dabbing it with a towel. Leaving water on your skin and hair can dry it out, because most tap water contains hard minerals. If you want to use a dryer, avoid damaging your beard and skin by keeping the heat on a cold-medium setting and the fan at a low or medium strength.
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Why should I oil my beard?

No matter how long your beard is, it shouldn’t be fuzzy or scruffy. And for a good looking and shiny beard, you need good beard oil. Beard oil is not just a trend, as men used oil to nourish their beards since ancient history. But how does it affect your beard? Here is a list of the benefits:  


Hydration is the basic need of both your skin and hair. Without hydration they will get dry and look dull. Drinking water is a great start to hydrate your skin and hair from within. However, a hot or a cold weather also dry and damage your beard and facial skin. Beard oil hydrates and protects them from the outside conditions, ensuring your beard looks healthy and shiny.    


Beard hair, like all body hair, has a much coarser texture and is thicker than the hair on your sculp. These coarse hairs can lead to irritating itching, especially at the early stages of growing beard. Another problem is the uncomfortable feeling your partner might have, if your beard is prickly. Beard oil is the ultimate conditioning agent for your beard. It softens the hair and skin and since it stays on your beard, it enables a long lasting effect.    


Beard oil helps to tame your beard and keep it under control. It doesn’t style or shape it like beard cream, but softens and make your beard easier to brush and handle.    

Flake free

Beard dandruff, which is the flaking of the skin, is quite common. Dry or cold weather, tension and yeast that live in the skin are the main reasons for that uncomfortable phenomenon. Beard oil nourishes both beard and skin with hydration and calms itching skin, therefore helps to get rid of the flakes and keep the beard healthy.    


Your beard can be quite smelly after eating, exercising, smoking, taking a train – basically living. Beard oil is a life changer in that sense. It comes in various scents and ensures you smell great at all times and situations.